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Computer and Communication Networks (review only)

Computer and Communication Networks is written by Nader F. Mir. This book is intended for network engineers to know wireless, sensor and mesh networks with full coverage topics, case studies and examples. This book is published by Prentice Hall PTR. Computer and Communication Networks give you foundation of TCP/IP, wireless networking, network security, Internet applications and all other advanced topics.
Computer and Communication Networks
covers the following topics in detail
  1. You will learn internet network protocols, packet switched networks, links, LAN protocols, wireless networks and transport protocols, etc.
  2. With the help of this networking book you will learn application management, network security measures, delay analysis QoS and high speed protocols, etc.
  3. Moreover this book covers voice over IP (VOIP), optical networks, voice and video compression, mesh networks and multi-casting protocols, etc.
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Compter and Communication Networks

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